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Our Introductory Video

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As communications change from a monologue to an ongoing global dialogue, it is vital that your organization has a content strategy in place for video.  Our industry-leading in house video production team specialises i...

NewMedium Becomes Part Of Instinctif Partners

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NewMedium is now part of Instinctif Partners, an International Business Communications Consultancy with an exciting new brand. We're still the same team delivering our award winning video production services from our ...

About Our Services

Retained Production Services

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A fully managed service includes a high number of annual production hours that can be aggregated across the entire NewMedium team of planners, producers, camera operators, directors, editors and animators; providing t...

60 Second Showreel

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Some interesting facts about online video: In the UK, over 35 million people watch an average of 17hours of online video a month. UK spend on online video has seen 13.5% year on year growth, and now exceeds spen...

Employee Communications

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Over 50 percent of our work is in Employee Engagement, starting with consultancy services to help large and growing companies to translate their activities and objectives into video content; a creative development pro...

Quarterly Update | Spring 2014

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A selection of some of the projects we have delivered in the first quarter of 2014.  Our in house Film & Motion team provide the content consultancy, creative development and technical production expertise to help...

Quarterly Update | Winter 2013

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Quarterly Update | Autumn 2013

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A quarterly review of a small sample of our work.

Colleague Communications

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We were engaged by Grant Thornton in the UK to devise and deliver a short video that would simply engage colleagues with the launch of a new software platform. The objective was to capture the attention of colleagues ...

Engaging With Employees

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We were engaged by Grant Thornton in the UK to devise and deliver a short video that would simply engage colleagues with the launch of a new software platform. The objective was to capture the attention of colleagues ...

Web TV Mini Series: Mac Giggs

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In our second six-part Web TV mini series for law firm Irwin Mitchell we followed the story of a little boy called Mac who was born with cerebral palsy, as his family find the support that they need.  The production i...

Final Results & Capital Raising

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We produced this short video for Costain Group plc to accompany the announcement of their Full Year Results and intention to raise additional capital to support the growth of the business following its transformation....

Lenta Investment Case

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We produced this first in a series of videos for Russian hypermarket operator Lenta to promote the company's investment case and growth story internationally.  It will be followed by a series of 90-second 'short' vide...

Animated US Launch Of Graze

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We produced this short animation to support the activities of graze as the innovative company launched it's services in the USA.  Our short animated video was linked to from press releases, published on the graze webs...

Financial Results Video

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Quintain Estates & Development plc is a London property investment and development specialist.  We are supporting Quintain in it's stakeholder communications as the company completes it's transformation and rolls ...

Web TV Mini Series – Episode 2

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In this second episode of this six-part Fly On The Wall Web TV Mini Series, Jaxx speaks about her continued recovery, the help she's received so far and her ambitions for the London Marathon 2014.  This video is the s...

London Designer Outlet Launch

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As part of a suite of stakeholder communication videos for Quintain Estates & Development PLC, we produced this short video to engage investors, media and the general public about the launch of the company's flags...

A Generic Brand Video!

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More of a cautionary tale than a video that we like, this humorous video satires the generic brand video with cutting accuracy!  Our approach combines communications consultancy, creative development and technical vid...

Parallax Animation

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This short video is created using parallax animation, something that we often do for clients, but we like this particularly elegant and beautiful example.  By manipulating still photos the WWF created these stunning s...


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Hyperlapse is something we like a lot and featured in our recent results video for Costain Group.  This video is a novel application of the hyperlapse concept that takes images from Google Streetview.

Colour Correction

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The difference between colour corrected and uncorrected is literally laid bare in this video!  We are always telling clients that we are busy colour correcting their nearly-finished videos.  This neat little video ill...

Follow The Frog

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This video from 2012 has been having a resurgence on social media, and we like it a lot because it takes an interesting perspective to get it's message across, though mostly we just think it's funny!  We think it woul...

Power For Life

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We like this advertisement because it is a nice example of micro lens filming, and also a nice simple concept that is well-executed to great effect whilst communicating a very clear, well defined message that is memor...

Social Media Graphics Are Cool

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We are recommending taking inspiration from this video to help a client with a major brand relaunch.  We like it because it tells a nice little story without any need for speech, but mostly because of the cool way tha...

Employer Branding

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We love this video - it's an elegantly simple concept that distinctly communicates the 'employer brand' in question as well as being hilarious!  And it's just 31 seconds in duration.  This is a good example of how com...

The Wacky Scientist

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We like the concept behind this fun little ad from Paraguay.  We think our clients might use this as inspiration for short videos to 'sell' their key messages to their target audiences in more creative ways.

Western Spaghetti

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2009 Sundance Film Festival Winner + TIME Magazine voted #2 'Viral Video of the Year' + 2009 Audience Award, Annecy Animation = we think this stop motion animation is very cool.  Our Motion Graphics Editors have to ad...

Nice Simple Concept

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What we like most about video is when we find a simple concept that is executed flawlessly.  This 30-second piece is simple to produce but interesting to then watch.  We think this might be useful to our clients as an...

Understand Music

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In the words of the producers of this video: "Music is a good thing. But what we did not know until we started with the research for this piece: Music is also a pretty damn complex thing. This experimental animation i...

Media Training Top Tips

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1. Know your Brand – be aware of how your brand aims to be perceived. Is it pragmatic or confrontational? Cautious or adventurous? Are you delivering the corporate message or sharing personal wisdom as a brand champio...

Talking In Soundbytes

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Perfect body language is no use at all if what you say isn’t good.  Here are three tips for making sure that what you say works best on camera: Be direct and speak naturally.  Don’t rush it.  Don’t use jargon or ac...

Using Your Voice Effectively

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To use your voice effectively, try to inject more expression than normal into your answers.  You don’t need to become a Shakespearian actor, but you should add a bit of something extra to your voice to avoid sounding ...

What To Wear

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Whatever the media scenario you are facing, this video will help you to make the most of the opportunity.  First of all lets take a look at how to dress when you are going to be on camera: Consider how you want to ...

Dealing With Nerves

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If you’re feeling nervous, here are some things to remember: 1) Remember to take your time and don’t let your nerves dictate your performance. 2) Take some time to prepare for the filming and ask lots of questio...

Questions To Ask

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The more questions you can ask before you arrive to be filmed, the better you will be able to prepare.  It is very important to find out where the content will go and who the viewers will be. Questions to ask shoul...

Considering Your Message

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It’s really important to be clear about your brand or company message.  In the same way as if you were going to a meeting to sell your company, service or expertise to a customer, know what you are going to say. Know ...

Microphone Basics

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Before you go into any filming scenario, it’s good to know about the basics. First of all, let’s take a look at microphones.  Chances are that you will never have to use a hand-held mic, or that an interviewer will...